Thursday, 6 November 2014

Phew, vForum Day One Done!

Well just a quick one as thought it was time for a new entry and having just done day one at vForum at Luna Park it was a good chance for an update. I had the great oppurtunity to present in the EMC session today with Matt Zwolenski, our ANZ SE leader on some of our cool software based solutions.

This 40 minute section covered 4 demos (maybe to many for 40 minutes) that we produced out of the local solution center. I think it could be a week before my sleep catches up for that one. It is interesting just how much time filling a 40 minute segment can take up in preparation. This is amplified by my belief that if I am going to show it, I need to build it and prove it first. All demos I show I also buil and produce myself. Maybe that explains the dodgy Camtasia call-outs.

That said we showed:

  • The ViPR Data services
    • This is very relevant for VMware as it is now providing the Object Storage Services and the snpashot repository for the Database-as-a-Service offerings in vCloud Air
  • VVols with the EMC VNXe
    • A demo showing the 4 parts of implementing Virtial Volumes 1) Protocol Endpoint 2) Storage Provider, 3) Storage Containers 4) Storage Policies
  • Recoverpoint for Virtual Machines
    • Very cool replication technology now available at a VM granular level
  • The VMware + EMC Hybrid Cloud
    • Showed the vRealize suite servicing Virtual Machines,catalogues (vRealize Automation), VM mobility (vCloud Connector), Cost transparency (vRealize Business),  Storage-as-a-Service (vRealize Automation + ViPR)
As a techie I really do enjoy building this stuff and the technology from both VMware and EMC is very cool. It is hard to put a prep time on the work to produce the demonstrations but it was stretched over weeks. With 3 of the 4 solutions shown, done with release levels still in beta or earlier it did bring on some interesting challenges.

It does go a long way to show how far these technologies have come. The old days of any service management solution being an endless drag on professional services are definitely starting to move behind us.

Anyway day one done, one speaking slot and a live vBronwbag podcast completed. Once the vForum roadshow completes in ANZ I will publish the 4 demos into Youtube.

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